Adam DeVine

About Adam

Full Name: Adam Patrick DeVine (I asked his mother over facebook, thank you Penny!)

Height: 5'8"

Born On: November 7th, 1983

Originally From: Waterloo, Iowa

Job: Actor, Comedian, Plays Adam DeVine from 'Workaholics'

Best Friends: Blake Anderson, Anders Holm, Kyle Newacheck


Kyle & Blake grew up with each other in Concord, California. Adam met Blake in an improv class in their community college. Adam met Ders in community college also. As Blake says "they all just........had sex with each other" (not seriously) & the rest is history.

Blake, Kyle, & Adam lived in the house 3 years before they shot the show. They now live there & shoot the show in the same house. Anders lives with his girlfriend.

This page is dedicated to Adam DeVine, who plays Adam "Big Daddy/Top Gun" Demamp on Workaholics in 3 Seasons so far. He is a rapping wizard along with his buddies who formed the Mail Order Comedy sketch group.

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